About the boats

The Chris-Craft XK-19 ,originally designed in 1968, first came out in 1969 carrying the model name SS (Super Sport) only to be changed into XK from 1970 through 1974. During these years the Chris-Craft plants only produced a number of 276 XK-19s. Today these boats are a rare find and coming by one most often leaves you with something less than desired. Even if it´s been rebuilt it was most probably done by any near-by boat shop, giving you the results you would expect.


When engineer Jim Wynne, also known for his world championship in off shore racing, was given the task to create a low and wide hull he started off the XK-19 project with a 24 degrees deep V-bottom hull. Thus providing this more than good looking boat with outstanding handling characteristics through various water conditions. Jim Wynne was also involved with the invention of the stern drive units, later to be used on millions of boats all over the world. http://www.rbbi.com/folders/pat/isd.htm
Jim wynne

Dick Avery
Chris-Craft Head of Design Dick Avery (bought over from Ford Motor company) brought his beautiful lines and layout ideas to complete the project .When working on the XK-19 Dick Avery and his staff were looking to come up with something derived from the racing world but also something to be used for recreation . By combining these two elements with the overall beautiful hull and deck lines the XK-19 developed into what later could be looked upon as the marine equivalent of a Corvette, Mustang or Ferrari.

The Chris-Craft Corporation is known for top quality in every aspect of boat building, even on boats only manufactured in small series. All the XK´s have been hand laminated and great notice has been taken to ensure each step of the manufacturing did meet and still meets the highest demands for quality.


At the Mariners Museum, Virginia owners of any Chris-Craft can receive information about their specific boat. All you have to do is send them your HIN
(Hull Identification Number).